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Galaxy Note 10 Release Date

The first smartphone that Samsung ever released with a curved display was awful and pointless. It was called the Galaxy Round and it had a screen with concave curvature for absolutely no reason whatsoever. As I've had to explain time and time again recently, Samsung's mobile division is so bad when it comes to first-generation products. They are the physical embodiment of a YouTube comment that shouts "FIRST!" Samsung often decides that it needs to be the first company to launch a phone that touts some new technology, and it puts the cart before the horse every single time. For the most recent example of this recurring phenomenon, look no further than the disaster that is the Galaxy Fold.

Once Samsung gets a few generations into a new product line, the company actually starts focusing on making a product that's great instead of making a product that's first. Just look at how fantastic the company's Galaxy S and Galaxy Note flagship phones are now that both series have matured. The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 both have curved displays, but they're nothing like the Galaxy Round from 2013 because the curves are there for a reason. Apart from looking fantastic, the glass edges fit the curve of one's palm perfectly. Since smartphones have gotten so huge in recent years, those curves make the S10 and Note 10 infinitely more comfortable to hold while still allowing Samsung to minimize the bezels on either side of the displays.

The design is fantastic and it has become a signature feature of Samsung's flagship phones. That might not be the case for much longer though, if a new leak turns out to be accurate.

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